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EC Aviation Group is a pool of talented and experienced aviation professionals providing total aircraft management services for private aircraft owners, lessors and operators. Our team has decades of experience in the operation, maintenance and upgrade of business and corporate aircraft including the B737CL, B737NG, BBJ, B757, B767, Gulfstream GV/550, Falcon 900 and CL 604/605.

About us

Private and business aviation provide safe, comfortable and convenient mode of transportation on a worldwide scale. The intelligent use of on demand aircraft allows corporations, business owners, sports teams, families and individuals to enhance the productivity of their two most important assets: people and time.

Capt. Eduardo E. Letti
CEO of EC Aviation Group Corp

Are you frequently surprised by the costs of your operation? Our independent mode of operation means we will always be representing your interest first. We provide on site project management and oversight to keep costs under control.

Forward looking maintenance planning. Using maintenance tracking tools we can help you to optimize aircraft utilization while optimizing the downtime.

Do you want to really know what it will cost to operate your aircraft? We can prepare budget scenarios tailored to your unique situation.